HelixStudios: Brady Bottoms

Published on April 17, 2018 by

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Brady Bottoms from HelixStudios:

cast: Corbin Colby (top), Josh Brady (bottom)

This is the Holy Grail folks, the scene you’ve all been wanting for ages! Uber aggressive titanium top jock, Josh Brady gets his pucker popped here by one of THE biggest bones in the biz! Cock king Corbin Colby! The scene starts off super hot with Brady and his boner inducing top man bravado on top of his porn prey making out like mad men. However, Colby is more cock sure than Josh’s usual conquest. And he is definitely not about to “lay down on the job.”

Corbin pushes Brady back, pulling his undies down to get at Josh’s jock like a competition cock eater! With his dick being deliciously devoured, Brady slides his manly hands into Colby’s caboose which is clad is a jack-off worthy jockstrap. Corbin is blessed at both ends.

The hunk has a huge hog and one HELL of an amazing ass! Josh jams his entire face AND a few fingers inside the stud’s hind end while keeping Colby in the jock strap. Corbin is comfortable giving AND getting, and as we know, Brady is always ready to deliver. After Corbin reaches back to lend some saliva, Josh jams his giant Johnson inside the hunk’s hot hole.

Our cock cam catches Colby’s colossal cock and balls banging around underneath the dirty deed as Brady brings the hammer down with a bionic, bareback booty bang. Out of breath from the big bang but still horny as hell, Colby leans back and orders up a salacious suck job from Josh who gives the guy’s general a full saliva salute.

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