BoyGusher: Flight To Catch

Published on May 20, 2018 by

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Flight To Catch from BoyGusher:

cast: Angelo Silva (top), Zach Stevens (bottom)

As Angelo was sleeping in the guest room I had Zach come over to help me out around the house but I needed to wake Angelo up so instead I had Zach go into the room and wake him up but of course Zach had other plans. Zach comes into the room and starts removing the blanket feeling Angelo’s smooth toned body. Angelo does get up but he looks as if he has a hard on so Zach grabs his crotch and starts feeling his bulge.

Angelo is rock hard at this time and Zach removes the underwear and starts sucking on Angelo’s huge throbbing cock. Zach really knows how to handle Angelo’s big cock as Zach strokes and sucks the balls which drives Angelo crazy. You can see that Angelo loves having his cock sucked as he moans and breathes harder each time Zach goes down on the cock.

Zach just keeps working that cock as it throbs and keeps growing until Angelo tenses up and releases his juice that keeps spurting out of his cock as Zach drains his balls of every last once of cum. Watch what happens next week…

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