Breeding 21 Year Old Boy

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Breeding 21 Year Old Boy from HungYoungBrit:

cast: HungYoungBrit (top), Kai (bottom)

Hot new scene from HungYoungBrit staring the horny fucker himself and this cute 21 year old horny boy Kai, he met in the train. The video footage starts when HungYoungBrit met this boy on the train while on their way to Soho to party. They exchanged numbers and came over the next day.

It sometimes sure helps not to always be staring at your phone while using public transportation. Because that way, you might actually get to know people around you. Like HungYoungBrit here. And luckily for him and us, that horny 21 year old stuck to his words and came over the next day. They showed him the site and this young hottie really loved what he was seeing.

Now he also wanted to get bareback fucked and filled up with cum. Of course HungYoungBrit couldn’t say no. He wanted that smooth ass and fuck it raw from the first moment he met him on the train.  They started making out and sucking right there in the kitchen. Luckily, a friend was there to film the action. Kai loved HungYoungBrit’s fat uncut cock and wanted it up his ass right away.

So HungYoungBrit gave it to him and fucked raw over the kitchen counter. These horny guys didn’t even have time to get undressed. And that sweet boy-ass felt really great around HYB’s fat throbbing cock. Later that day, HYB dumped a thick load on and inside the boy’s hole!

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