CorbinFisher: Sawyer Tops Beau

Published on May 20, 2018 by

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Sawyer Tops Beau from CorbinFisher:

cast: Sawyer (top), Beau (bottom)

The chemistry between Beau and newcomer Sawyer is intense and immediate; these two can’t seem to keep their hands or their mouths or their tongues or their teeth off of each other! Sawyer can’t get enough of Beau’s tight, ripped body, and we’ve never seen Beau more in love with a cock than he is with Sawyer’s big, thick monster.

Beau gives Sawyer the blowjob to end all blowjobs, alternating between making sexy eye contact as he teases the head and letting out just the right amount of gagging noises as he deep-throats and slobbers all over Sawyer’s huge cock.

Sawyer is in awe of Beau’s skills, laying back and letting the veteran have his way with him, before it’s his turn to give Beau a little payback for his expert oral service. From the second Sawyer penetrates Beau’s perfect ass, Beau’s face is stuck in a combination O-face and smile. His hair tussled and sweaty as he takes the pounding Sawyer dishes out – and Sawyer definitely doesn’t hold back, pounding him all over the bed until they both can’t take any more and cum all over each other!

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