CorbinFisher: Zachary Rides Elian

Published on April 24, 2018 by

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Zachary Rides Elian from CorbinFisher:

cast: Elian (top), Zachary (bottom)

Elian is a man who loves extremes. When he’s bottoming he likes to be fucked for all he’s worth. And when he’s topping, he’s a dominant force of nature. Lucky for him and for us, Zachary is in an especially submissive mood today. And he thoroughly enjoys Elian bossing him around and fucking his throat.

But that’s just the warm up! Elian eats Zachary out until he’s practically begging to be fucked, and then pounds him mercilessly.

“Look at me, boy!” Elian demands, as he’s got Zachary bent over the couch and taking it nice and deep. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

After that, Zachary’s a mess of moans and the word “yes” over and over again, until they both make sticky messes of themselves, and Elian shoves his thick load up inside Zachary’s tight ass in the finale to this scorching scene.

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