CzechHunter 84 – Is that Hoyt Kogan?

Published on May 19, 2018 by

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Episode 84 – Is that Hoyt Kogan? from CzechHunter:

Yes, it is. But from a time before he joined BelamiOnline and became the gay porn super-star he is now. Back in the days, he was working for different smaller studios under various aliases. Shorter hair, a bit hunkier, but well dressed and professional.

Description: I just came from the bar when I noticed that the streets are still crowded. And when I saw a young adonis waiting at the corner for more than 2 minutes I decided to switch on my cam which I have – luckily – almost always with me. He was really shy even though I started with a high offer. Obviously he waited for a friend which showed up within a few minutes.

Bad luck. But when I was about to go home the next adonis passed my way. Well dressed, with some sort of model-face. I had to try it again. I told him that I have a small advertising company and that I want to do a casting with him. When he saw the money he agreed very fast. Two hours later I have learned that even bitches wear expensive clothing. Sometimes.

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