Filip Onalek vs Milos Ovcacek Wrestling

Published on May 20, 2018 by

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Filip Onalek vs Milos Ovcacek Wrestling from WilliamHiggins:

cast: Filip Onalek, Milos Ovcacek

Filip Onalek and Milos Ovcacek are paired in a submission wrestling match. They start off with some stretching to get themselves warmed up and then the match begins. They are quickly grabbing at each other’s underwear, pulling it of so that they are both naked. Then Filip soon gets a good hold to force the first submission. As the grapple and roll around on the mats there cocks and asses are shown so well.

Milos is quick to even the score and then moves into a lead with another point. He spanks on Filip’s ass at any opportunity as well. But he also manages some very good wrestling holds. Filip responds with another good round, gaining a decent neck hold and spanking Milos ass too. He gains the submission to close the gap in the scoring.

#Milos then takes to slapping his cock on FIlip’s face as he straddles him, but it is Filip who prevails and he levels the score. The grapple well and roll all over the place and Milos does some ball grabbing to get the next point. In fact that is a tactic that he increasingly uses and get rewarded for…

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