Four Handed Exam

Published on April 14, 2018 by

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I was so excited to be able to get these extra credit points by shadowing Dr. Dick. If I do well, I could get a good recommendation or maybe even a job here at the college clinic. I didn’t know I was gonna be a part of some kinky experiment. I see this young man on the exam table in his tighty whities and think to myself okay..this is gonna be interesting…seems like the patient needs some anti-anxiety medication and the only way the doc will sign off on it is with a quick exam. Everything was going fine until he made me feel on the guys dick…next thing you know I’m chowin’ down on some random guy’s dick. I really need these extra credit points so I figured what the heck…It’s a private exam room…I never really sucked dick before so it was kinda awkward but I powered thru it and got that sperm sample the doc wanted. Now I’m thinkin’ what the fuck did I get into?!

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