Gerasim & Miro RAW – Young Offenders

Published on May 20, 2018 by

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Gerasim & Miro RAW – Young Offenders from Str8Hell:

cast: Gerasim Spartak (top), Miro Dalek (bottom)

Handsome Gerasim Spartak has a new, and very sexy Young Offender to deal with. That is sexy str8 guy Miro Dalek. Gerasim brings Miro into the office and sits him down. It seems that Miro has been stealing from a cash register. Eager to avoid the police and his parents being informed he follows Gerasim’s instructions, stripping down to his underwear. As he turns around Gerasim spots something in the underwear.

Miro takes off the underwear and the stolen money is revealed. Miro is desperate to avoid the police being informed and promises to do anything. Gerasim likes that idea and rubs his nightstick over Miro’s cock and balls. Then he pushes Miros hand into his pants, making him grope. Gerasim soon pulls out his stiff cock and wants Miro to suck it. Miro is reticent but does wank the cock as Gerasim pushes him down towards the dick.

Miro takes the stiff cock in his mouth and sucks it a little, protesting. His head is pushed down onto Gerasim’s dick and he sucks it…

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