HelixStudios: Jackpot

Published on May 10, 2018 by

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Jackpot from HelixStudios:

cast: Cole Claire (top), Danny Nelson (bottom)

When five of your favorite Helix hotties gather together to play blackjack, it’s no gamble placing bets that someone will DEFINITELY get lucky! In Jackpot, Cole Claire and Danny Nelson’s three buddies have no idea the two have been getting frisky under the table playing footsie and grabbing one another’s cocks.

Today must be Cole’s lucky day because not only does he win the pot, but when the other three boys leave to play video games, he also wins some serious ass from Danny! Nelson drops to his knees and unleashes Cole’s thick candy stick from his black boxer briefs. He proceeds to wax poetic on the wide wang, downing the dick while remembering to work the big balls.

The guys then hightail it to the bedroom so their buds wont interrupt the wild rumpus that’s about to go down. Speaking of going down…… Cole gets on Danny’s dick like the ONLY bone sucking beast! Then, he gets creative, lifting the kid ass over nips to go between sucking cock and eating ass before …continue reading!

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