HungYoungBrit: Billy Rock

Published on April 28, 2018 by

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Billy Rock from HungYoungBrit:

cast: HungYoungBrit (bottom), Billy Rock (top)

Keen barebacker Billy so wanted to be filmed fucking raw, my Chavy twink British mate was to hand to film it all lol
This Dirty northern lad gets so excited and gets well carried away (look at his face) 😊 when Im telling him what i wanna do!! We both wanna bareback the fuck otu of each other, His just there wanking his pre cum outta his dick ready to fuck it in me.
He was so horny he came twice…OMG and HUGE amounts of spunk!! without resting, right over in and up my arse and in gob

EVERYWHERE…ALL HERE for you too see.

I want all the videos to be like this… the hottest time!!
I am fucking close tos punking all throughout this and am right on the edge trying to hold off.
This is the shit ive been wanting to do for years!!
This scaly is a right dirty bastard, clearly a total bb fan! And it shows HAHA

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