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Enrique Vera Barebacks Serge Cavalli from BelamiOnline:

cast: Enrique Vera (top), Serge Cavalli (bottom)

Enrique Vera Barebacks Serge Cavalli from April’s edition of Jambo Africa was not the first time these two did a scene together, though. Freshmen Issue #59 featured these two young hunks in a two part flip fuck scene. Which ended up being one of the highest rated videos that year.

Both guys were introduced on BelamiOnline in winter 2017. In an article on my other blog I wrote about Enrique’s bumpy start with them (see here). He ran away 3 times from his training sessions. Serge’s start was less dramatic. And other then Enrique, he never worked for another studio.

Aside from those differences, these two young studs have many similarities. They are both very handsome and athletic. They have big dicks and are totally versatile. And both of them are quite popular with their members. With Enrique being the highest rated newcomer of the past year.

Having most of their early releases on Freshmen, both guys are now transitioning to become more present on BelamiOnline. They have now outgrown the status of a newcomer.

Somehow, Serge’s performance not only in this scene feels more natural. Therefore, he’s more convincing. To me it looks like Enrique is still not 100% sure if it’s really okay to have sex with other guys. He does it, might even be enjoying it, but accepting it is a different story.

Still, I really like Enrique. And his interview with studio boss George Duroy from Freshmen Issue #30 is probably the best I have seen from them. But his performance is always a bit too much for my taste. It’s very well possible their members see his struggle and like him because of that.

Anyways, Enrique Vera Fucks Serge Cavalli is a great scene and these two young studs together are always hot! Enrique’s cumshot is totally impressive. Although maybe not so pleasant for Serge, who got much of it up his nose.

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