Johnny Forza – First Time Sucking A Dick

Published on April 15, 2018 by

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Johnny Forza – First Time Sucking A Dick from BrokeStraightBoys:

cast: Johnny Forza , Spencer

A certain New Jersey boy keeps coming back for more. When Johnny Forza did his solo, the stud insisted he was a one and done type of dude. But it seems Johnny ca’t keep his own promise (not that anyone at BSB central is complaining).

Despite being here, Johnny is unhappy.

“Not really too thrilled,” he says when asked how’s he feeling.

“It’s worth the money,” Spencer Todd, Johnny’s scene partner, replies.

Spencer is the perfect performer to be paired with our reluctant model because everyone remembers the Red Rocket’s initial awkwardness about man sex. But, look at him now! Last time we saw Spencer, his muscular ass was filled with Zane’s sausage.

Today Johnny will have a man’s dong in his mouth. The cameraman asks the NJ hottie what he thinks it will feel like.

“Not too pleasurable,” he responds.

The cameraman gives Johnny the best advice ever about giving a blow job — think about the best mouth loving you ever received and do the same. This at least puts a grin on the guy’s face.

When the boys start jerking each other, it’s obvious to see who’s more comfortable. Spencer strokes away looking at Johnny’s impressive package. As for Johnny? He can’t even look in Spencer’s direction!

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