Johnny Forza – Solo

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Johnny Forza – Solo from BrokeStraightBoys:

cast: Johnny Forza (solo)

ohnny Forza is a New Jersey boy. Not a a typical bridge and tunnel fellow. Instead the type of
Garden State resident who likes to spend time in the woods and work on trucks.

Although he’s only 18, Johnny is here because cash is scarce.

“No job and I got a lot of bills to pay,” Johnny says.

Like all Jersey boys, excluding those dudes in the musical (grin), Johnny is slightly weirded out by
what’s going to happen today.

“Kinda sketched out but you gotta do what you gotta do.”

His girlfriend of 7months thinks he’s with family. He’s a little worried she might walk out of she
finds out about this escapade. Doubt she will. Not many will kick to the curb a delectable slab of beef
like Johnny. Sculpted chest (he wrestled and played football in high school), muscular arms, and an
extraordinary smile. If she does walk out, how long will the stud be without companionship? Thirty
seconds? Tops? LOL!


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