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Published on April 19, 2018 by

Watch the full video here!

Loving Kris Trailer from BelamiOnline:

cast: Kris Evans

We kick off our “Loving Kris’ special with an Art Collection’ set of photos taken for us by Rick Day. As this is a bit of a new format, we owe you a bit of an explanation.

For this shoot we send Rick off with both Kris and Zac for the day with only the most basic instruction of shooting the boys individually and also sometimes together.

As a preview, we showed you the couple images in a quickie last week and today we have the solo set of images with Kris. In 2 weeks we will bring you the photo session video, and then after that the solo images of Zac.

The location is our regular summer retreat of Castello di KinkAngelo, and as usual with Art Collection sets, there are slightly less images than usual, but each one has been retouched and finished by Rick Day.

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