After Party

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After Party from NextDoorRaw:

cast: Donte Thick (top), Ty Thomas (bottom)

With his frat bro still passed on the couch from the night before, Donte Thick decides a little hazing is in order. Ty Thomas is cloudy from the night before. But when he finally comes to, he wonders what the hell Donte is doing. Donte tells Ty he’s been making bad decisions for a good 12 hour block. And shows Ty the pictures to prove it. Ty, immediately embarrassed, implores Donte to erase the embarrassing pictures. And Donte, like a good frat bro, is more than willing to protect his brother’s reputation. Provided, of course, that Ty does something for him.

Ty instantly realizes he’s caught between a rock and Donte’s hard place. Ultimately deciding that servicing one frat brother is better than explaining himself to all of them. So he relents, and Donte, with hunger in his eyes, sets to having his way with Ty’s body. First he face fucks his frat bro. And when he’s had his fill, he turns Ty around and proceeds to fuck Ty in every way he can imagine. Ty certainly seems like taking a dick is nothing new, as his rock hard dick bounces up and slaps his stomach with Donte’s every thrust…

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