Raw Stoner Three-Way

Published on April 25, 2018 by

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Raw Stoner Three-Way from the RawFuckClub:

cast: Ryan Powers (top), Cam Christou (top/bottom), Cory Koons (top/bottom)

Smoking s spliff can definitely help to relax and get in the mood. Ryan Powers lights one up here before he walks into the cellar and join horny fuckers Cam Christou and Cory Koons.

Cory is already down on his knees chewing on Cam’s fat cock. Now Cory has two big dicks to feast on. And of course, he doesn’t mind. Cam also wants to taste Ryan’s dick and Cory moves his attention to Cam’s hole and rims him deep.

First guy to get his butt stuffed with a thick raw cock is Cory Koons. This lucky guy now has Cam’s dick up his ass and Ryan’s down his throat. Getting fucked from both ends is quite a treat for this sexy inked bottom. After Ryan has pounded Cory for while, the two guys take Cam in their middle and Cam now fucks Cory while Ryan is pounding his hole.

Even Cory gets his turn fucking some ass, when he and Cam switch places. Ryan is the only guy in the house who ends up just topping the others. Cam has another turn on Cory until he shoots his load on the bottom’s hole, then Ryan takes over and pounds Cory some more. Great raw fucking from the RawFuckClub!

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