RawRods: David Hampton & Sebastian Alexander

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Published on April 15, 2018 by

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David and Sebastian have a painting project to work on but Sebastian isn’t really feelin it. He starts bullshitting around and throws some paint on David and they both agree that they’d rather do something else instead, fuck! Sebastian is rock hard and horny as hell so David gets right to sucking on that shit.

He flips Sebastian over to taste his ass too before getting his dick in it. There’s no working it in slow, David just shoves it up Sebastian’s tight hole right to the balls just to hear him moan loud for it. He puts Sebastian on all fours and rides that ass raw. Sebastian is loving it so much he backs up on it and works it like a champ.

David can’t hold out much longer and busts his nut deep up Sebastian’s ass. He finishes by pushing that nut out of his hole in front of David and busts all over his chest.

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