RawRods: DeMarciano Sanquez & Onyx Omari

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Published on May 21, 2018 by

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DeMarciano Sanquez & Onyx Omari from RawRods:

cast: DeMarciano Sanquez (bottom), Onyx Omari (top)

Onyx just got back from his vacation and is trying to tell DeMarciano all about it. DeMarciano seems to be a little distracted tho and keeps checking his phone. When Onyx leans in to see what he is looking at he finds out that he’s watching porn.

Clearly DeMarciano has something on his mind and Onyx figures he might as well get the real thing if he’s going to be horny and rude. Onyx starts sucking his dick, then bends over to get his beautiful hole eaten out.

DeMarciano is hungry for some dick and gives up his ass to Onyx. Onyx fucks that ass real deep and you can tell DeMarciano is real tight by the way he is moaning and breathing. Onyx and DeMarciano bust a huge nut all over DeMarciano’s tight abs, then head off for a well deserved nap.

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