Rustie Port Strokes His Big Dick

Published on April 23, 2018 by

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Rustie Port Strokes His Big Dick from DoggyBoys:

cast: Rustie Port

Handsome young Rustie has a day off, he’s been to the gym already and although he came home horny and ready to wank he’s been delaying it for a while to make it a little more intense. Although he’s tried to distract himself by playing games, his uncut straight boy dick really needs to be stroked and emptied, he can almost feel the cum growing in his nuts.

The handsome and fit young man explores his own body as he gets naked, revealing his gorgeous hooded cock and playing with his floppy shaft and pink balls. His thick muscled thighs flex as he admires himself, rubbing his erection and making it throb with delight at the pleasure he’s about to enjoy.

Sliding his hood back from his engorged helmet he licks his thumb and slides it over, sending a shiver of intense pleasure through his incredible body. As he starts to really stroke, making his foreskin slip back and forth over his tip, his orgasm grows and climbs to the limit until hot white cum gushes from his tip in and incredible finish. We don’t know what he’s been imagining while masturbating, but whatever it was certainly worked.

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